Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The time When i'm Bored

Wow, i never tough i will be so boring when I'm at home. After school, i need to go home and take a bath. Later, i eat lunch with my family. After finish eating, i start walking around the home to look for some thing to play, but to bad my house have nothing to play!!

Some times, i will call my sister and talk to them. If I'm using the computer i also will chat with them. Every Sunday i went for badminton training at 'Manjalara' with my friends. This can help me on my healthiness ^_^ I also go for basketball training during free time. Guitar also one of the thing i must practice..........Haha, but everybody also call me a noob (so sad)T.T

Holiday is coming, i am going to be very boring in those bad!! But i still get to go out with my friends and family in this holiday. Aiyo, now very scared the UPSR result. I am having the result tomorrow loh!! Wish i can get at less 5A for my result. Better prey to God now, If not then get bad result, i sure die!!x_x

Two more days to leave my school loh, very sad leh. 6R, plz always remember me, cause i will also remember you! Hope we are lucky to meet again next year.

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