Friday, November 7, 2008

The three {S}ister in school

I never tough i will have three brothers in school. Now, i have three more small sisters is school. This three girls were once called 'the six golden princess'. Me and my brothers also once called 'the four king brother' haha, we all look like pairs!!

I heard a lot of people say this three sisters were always bully by other people, very 'kasihan '. Every day i only play with my brothers, but i never care my sisters, now i fell so sorry-_-". I wish they can forgive me for what i did. I remember got one day one of the sisters ask me to do something very crazy! She ask me to teach her basketball. I was so confused cause teaching a girl basketball is very hard and it takes a long time, so i tell her i can't. She was so sad and angry then she run away.I try to look for her but she was running too fast, so i lost her.

Suddenly, i saw some people trying to bully the sister that run away from me. I stopped the people and they start to fell angry cause they think I'm a busy body. In the end, the people finally go away. She thank me for saving her, and i say "this is what a brother must do, to protect the small one." She was looking at me and start crying. I was so happy that she doesn't hate me any more.

After going home, i saw my handphone was ringing and i saw a massage write "thank you again for saving me, I'm so happy to be your sister." Then, my face is having the happy face again.


*The Day with My Brother in school*

My brother is Teah Ji Sheng. We study in SJK(c) Khai Chee in the year of 2008. He is a friendly and kind people.

I remember the day we got bully by some strong people. We try to escaped, but we got hurt badly by those people. i try to protect my brother, and i did!! At last, we were able to escaped there.

At the next day, he stand at the class door and waiting for me. He thank me for that day and fell so sorry for the pain i suffer. At last, he finally call me small brother. I was so happy cause he finally call me small brother.

Starting from that day, everone start calling us 'the two king brother'!!

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YunIkO~笨蛋 said...

u say the three sister..
is me, elaine n shi chi ar??

i also wan say sorry 2 u,
i dun no how 2 say lah....

sorry, brother....
u always is my best brother!!