Thursday, November 13, 2008

The day to separate

Finally, today is the last day to school. A lot of people are crying because they are going to separate with their friends. That goes the same to me. My brother and sister are going to separate too. But only one brother and sister is going to the same school with me. Hehe...felling a bit happy>.<

Now we only wish we are lucky to meet again.

The happy time we have!! Even we have a little fight, but we are still
We will always be friend!!

Our last day together in school!!

I fill so happy to have you all.
Thank you all for taking some beautiful picture with me!!
I will always remember you .....

1 comment:

✖涵涵✖ said...

dun 4get me a....

so miss u all...

plz take care n keep in touch~